About Us

Daffodil Multimedia is a multi platform organization which is widely recognized as being industry innovators. The seed of the company was planted in 1990 by Daffodil Computers Ltd. Later on, Daffodil Multimedia was established to create multimedia content based on the choice of our clients and customers whatever, wherever and however they want focusing on product excellence concentrating on audience insight. During the past years we have provided talented individuals and creative business, supported the growth and development of key creative clusters and helped the enterprise to thrive with innovative ideas and unique presentation. We have built up a reputation for great design, fairness, good value and expertise.
We are at your service for 24/7, have commitment for the following to our valued customers/clients at any corner of the entire globe:

  • Competitive price
  • Fast delivery
  • High quality
  • Innovative services/product quality
  • Flexible Solution
  • Effortless branding

To be the trusted and leading creative media to provide the platform of new voices and help in economic growth through exploring the business and ensuring benefit for the entire nation
We assist our business audiences and clients through creating content, enabling conversations and help them to explore every business opportunity through ensuring the environment for business brand and generating business professionals to optimize relationships.
The best asset of Daffodil Multimedia is the team which is called life blood of the organization. The experienced and trained human resources with deep insight on diverse market and technical expertise made the team complete. We have a large human resource pool and welcome the fresher’s to explore their talents working with the leaders in the same industry under the same platform.